"Eric is great! He challenges me with each workout. He is showing me you don't need to spend hours at the gym to see results. I also like that he can work around my crazy work schedule."  -LIsa R.

"Great personal trainer who is genuinely invested in the overall wellbeing of his clients. The workouts are fun, challenging, and effective. He is well aware of his clients' physical limits and capabilities and always stresses good form and safety. Joining FiitMe Fitness was definitely one of the best decisions of my life!"      -Gabrielle R.

"Since I started working with Eric back in August, not only have I lost close to 30lbs, but more importantly, I'm in the best shape of my life and that includes high school!  Even though I still weigh more than I did back then, I'm so much stronger now, which is an amazing and empowering feeling! I'm able to fit into clothes that I haven't worn in years and I love how I look! In fact, I ran in my first ever 5k a couple months ago, something I never thought I would do!  Eric genuinely cares about my health and fitness, something that I never found at the gym's I belonged to.  I'm proof that if you stick to Eric's FiitMe Program you will get the results you hope for and then some!  I highly recommend it for anyone at any fitness level!"    -Tracey N.

"Eric Sulzer is running an amazing program. I have been through too many trainers and different programs and nothing has pushed me like FiitMe does! Eric Sulzer commits to the people he trains and teaches them how to properly push past their weaknesses and further improve their strengths. Ever since I have started with him, I have seen constant improvement in my strength, speed, and much more. I highly recommend FiitMe to anyone and everyone looking to improve their lifestyle or get a good workout!"  -Arham S.

"I have been training with Eric for the past 5 months.  I've lost 20 pounds and a couple of inches!  I feel like my strength has more than doubled in the past few months.  He is very motivating and has a huge knowledge of his profession.  He makes sure that my posture to avoid any injuries.  He is very punctual and reliable.  He makes every workout session very different, fun and challenging but rewarding.  I would highly recommend Eric to achieve your fitness goals!"   -Sri K.

"Eric is an awesome trainer. He tailors the work out to me. Makes it super convenient and provides coaching on good nutrition. I highly recommend him."  -Angela B.

"I've had an absolutely wonderful time doing FiitMe Fittness. I've gained 20 pounds of muscle since starting with FiitMe and I have had a great time doing the workouts. I would fully recommend that everyone try FiitMe Fittness."  -Lucas P.

"Eric is very aware and receptive to your fitness goals. He is very knowledgeable about specific exercises, which exercises for a particular workout, and other advice to make you a healthier person. 
He does push you during your workouts, but in such a way to get you to push past what you think you can do." -Maurice B.

"I have been working out with Eric for over a year, and it has been great. I am stronger than in my younger days and feel great."              -Bence T.

"Great experience. Eric is very professional and knows how to customize the workouts."  -Elisandra R.