Convenient training programs to fit any budget or fitness level!


Now's the time!

This is designed for the person that hasn't been very active and has decided they want to start to get into shape.  You will receive 2 workouts per week.  

$74.99 monthly or $800 annually


Crank it up!

This is designed for the person who is already somewhat active but wants to take their fitness to the next level.  You will recieve 3 workouts per week.  

$99 monthly or $1000 annually  


All in!

This is designed for the person who really wants a challenge and wants to get in the best shape they possibly can.  You will recieve 5 workouts per week.  

$149 monthly or $1500 annually 



Training Programs

No matter what program you choose, you'll receive my expertise in how to properly perform a variety of exercises. You will learn the benefits of high intensity, fast-paced workouts that will get you in great shape in a fraction of the time!  Most importantly, in signing up with me today, you will be on your journey to living a healthier and happier life!

"We have been training with Eric for a year now. It has been an amazing journey for my husband and I - we find ourselves with more energy, better able to manage our stress, and even saw an improvement in our blood pressure and cholesterol at both of our annual checkups. With two young kids, starting and staying on track with a workout routine without Eric would have been impossible. Thanks for our health, Eric - it's truly a priceless commodity!"   -Payal and Sharvil